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Prideful Elemental Artisans


Lyriza are perceived as dark tan-skinned humanoids with elaborate markings on their bodies with toned yet frail builds. In situations of strong emotion or intense focus, these markings glow a soft light that provides a hint to their ancestral connection to air, earth, fire, force, or water elementals.

Additionally, it is very common for Lyriza to have their eye color mimic the color of their elemental marking. Lyriza hair tends to contrast their often colorful eyes with colors differentiating between varying levels of white, grey, or black. In the event that a Lyriza is able to master a connection to their elemental birthright, their hair begins to take on elemental properties.

The most Iconic Legends of the Lyriza have been known for their elegant presence and otherworldly poise that reflects a sense of higher purpose and potent elemental power. Their bodies appear to take on a living form of elemental energy that reflects their awakened elemental potential. Even more so, Lyriza legends find their hair being replaced with elemental wisps or crystalline clumps sprouting from the scalps of their now awakened elemental form.


  • Proud: Lyriza are easily able to face fear or the degrading of one’s reputation, though due to this fact their Duel focused culture makes it difficult to step down from a worthy challenge or to defend against an insult to their personal reputation.

  • Graceful: Quick on their feet and master of skills requiring fine dexterity, Lyriza can take advantage of just about any skill where a dose of control is required. Sadly, such grace can cause complications where the application of more direct force would be required.

  • Artistic: Lyriza are natural artisans, providing advantages to anything related to Lore and Rapport skill exchanges that show your expertise in a specific artistic talent. Complications take the form of rivalries and unwanted fame.

  • Elemental: Lyriza usually feel particularly connected to a single element, and combination of elements to a level of exclusivity. This minor aspect provides a clue to a character’s personality and weaker connections to elemental descriptors, providing advantages and penalties in situations where elements play a strong roll.

Social Details

Derived from the Greek word lyrikó ríza meaning “Lyrical Root”, the Lyriza were given their name by the mysterious and powerful Creatoa. Sculpted and forged as a cosmic expression of art, the Lyriza share this detail religiously in order to express just how perfect they are. Prideful and overconfident, the Lyriza have started a crusade against the forgotten Lunakai. Sadly, the crusade resulted in awakening the first Naganezu, whose overwhelming power and wrath echos to the very edges of Valanas.


It is common Lyriza belief that they were the very first creations of all sentient kind, sculpted by the very Creatoa who established the Laws of Creation. This is often reinforced by the elaborate and exotic markings found on many of their bodies and having among the highest gifted to mundane ratios of all the known bloodlines.

It is indeed very true that the Creatoa sculpted the Lyriza in a way so as to reflect their connection to the Elemental Roots that their alchemical mastery was based on. It is this very fact that gives reason to their Atlantean influence and the wish of the Creatoan to make the world they live in a magnificent work of art. In time, the Lyriza have established a democracy composed of five distinct elemental sub-cultures, each invested into a central governing Divine Council.

Despite the view that the Laws of Creation were designed to protect the world from Lunakai influence, it has become almost forgotten as the Lyriza grow ever more prideful of their elemental heritage and awakened potential. This prideful overconfidence has only been reinforced by some of the Lyriza Elite mastering long forgotten draconic powers, their mastery of alchemy so potent that they could take on entire armies single-handedly.

In recent times the Lyriza have began a crusade into the lands around them in the hopes of purging any Lunakai influence. During the crusade they awakened Naganezu Orrathi Gyone, an act the Nezuto Elders have strived to prevent. Orrathi now has became a force of destruction so powerful that all but Legends can stop him. Orrathi now claims himself to be the next Nightbringer, harbinger of the end of all days.

Language And Dialects

All Lyriza speak the core Draconic tongue as a means of communicating with each other when it comes to trade and communicating with their Oracle elders. Within this, Lyriza have four unique dialects of Draconic, named after the the elemental ancients of old and symbol of ultimate power and beauty. These dialects are typically only spoken by the Elite found within each of the Five Elemental States.

Such towers hold within them the royal family associated with each of the heavenly elements, whose blood and children are held in the highest regard. Those in these family circles have specific dialects that have a tone and vocabulary that alters the Draconic tongue to such a degree that it makes it almost entirely unique and is believed to give those who speak it a mild level of control over the element the dialect relates to.

Above all else are those who are capable of keeping track of the Lyriza family tree, and have been known to be able to connect and speak with their Elemental Ancestors and the Dragon Guardians who overlook their immortalized souls. Such individuals are known as Oracles, and are the only known Lyriza capable of speaking Celestial naturally. Such individuals also tend to be the least prideful and almost humble, acting as the wise and patient counterbalance to their Idol and Centurion counterparts.

Regions and Politics

There are not many sentient beings along the shores neighboring the waters around the Isle of Atlantis, nation and homeland of the Lyriza, that do not speak of an exotic land of riches and exotic fantasies. It is believed that those who can gaze upon the land of the Lyriza are truly blessed indeed. Despite this perception, the Lyriza view their home as a constant effort to re-envision the already glorified view of the lost Creatoa homeland, as seen from stories passed down from each generation.

Today, Lyriza perform what many believe to be unorthodox breeding practices in order to purify their own blood, further sharpening the potency of their elemental bloodlines. Such practices have allowed the Lyriza to find only the most potent prodigies of each generation by taking note of those youths with only the most exceptional of natural alchemical talents. With their talented understanding of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, they are capable of performing feats of world renown in the fields of art and architecture, making such offspring an object of fame, glory, and power.

Led by a democratic collective of Centurions, Idols, and Oracles, the Lyriza government will often argue on the philosophical principles of entertainment, law, and respect more than they will on more civil matters. In the end the Oracles tend to be the voice of reason that attempts to protect the civil liberties of their people. Opposing the Oracles, the Idols and Centurions find creative ways to enforce the Law of Blades while still making it more entertaining for their people, often at the people’s expense.

Separately from the Council are the Elemental Circles of Power which the Oracles manage and control. Each Circle of Power acts a beacon of economical, political, and elemental power. Each Circle of Power has an established Sisterhood who are among the most talented and skilled of Lyriza Elite. Having the ability to arrange an encounter with such a heavenly object is considered the ultimate reward. Those lucky enough to produce an offspring from such an encounter are assured of a chance at financial and political power, and even more so if they produce a child of natural talent.

Once born into a Circle of Power, very few wish to leave. Those that do are looked upon as a disgrace and treated as traitors. By acting against their Circle of Power they also act against the family that fought to get them there. If after being judged the individual still wishes to leave, they are forced into a duel to the death with the current Lyriza Champion. Surviving allows them freedom to live outside Atlantis and only that. In the entire documented history, there has not been a single known survivor of such a duel.