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Eclectic Half-Bloods


Despite their shared heritage between the Terrans and the taller Lyriza, Neochi are commonly shorter than their parents. They inherit the Lyriza tan skin tone and colored hair, while taking on a more youthful physique relative to their Terran heritage.

Additionally, with the combined potency found in the eyes of the Lyriza and the diversity of Terran culture Neochi come into the world with a large variety of eyes that stand them out from the rest of the world. Their eyes provide them with an almost romantic view of the world and provide clues as to their hidden talents.

Neochi Legends are still very few, having had the mix of blood producing an offspring in recent time. Despite this fact, it is the Neochi of Valanas who are often the best known, having had taken actions that have influenced the entire world. Such individuals were best known for their elaborately iris designs and outfits that reflected their strongest relationships.


  • Dreamer: Neochi see the world in romantic terms, providing situational bonuses when using deceive, provoke, or rapport in order to inspire an individual into taking specific actions. This can cause problems when one’s dreams are provoked or directly targeted.

  • Eclectic: Having a taste for all cultures, Neochi are skilled at taking parts of cultures of the world they enjoy and putting them together providing bonuses to Lore skills in such areas. This can cause problems when individuals do not want their culture mixed with others.

  • Enthusiastic: Neochi are very enthusiastic about their hobbies, dreams, and relationships, providing bonuses in situations where they apply, and penalties when trying to act against them.

  • Talented: Neochi are very talented individuals providing bonuses in situations where they would otherwise not be very skilled or when dealing with their Gateway. Sadly, this leaves them at a disadvantage when using skill against skill or when facing one’s Gateway weakness.

Social Details

“Neochi” derives from Neo meaning New and Chi meaning blood, symbolic of their mixed heritage. With each of the bloodlines having oppositions with each other, the Neochi are among the only that have been known to mix well with any culture. This even holds true to the otherwise untrusting Tentaki. In the end their historical potential has been an object of desire, envy, and fear.


The Neochi life has been a story of change, hope, and sadness that has been told for generations. The very first Neochi signaled a change in the world where the stability of the Laws of Creation came into question. Up to that point, the differences between the Lyriza and the Terran people were difficult at best; one focused on keeping the blood pure, and the other expanding to reach the edges of the world.

The first Neochi only wanted peace and unity among all the land, though it took the youth’s self-sacrifice in order for peace to fall upon the land for a brief time. Since this time, the Neochi population has slowly grown to being among the minority in every nation.

Despite their romantic and idealistic ways, the world became increasingly aware of how the Neochi had natural talents related to the Aetherial Gateways. One of the most significant reasons why Neochi are still as few as they are is that those sinister enough hunt out Neochi youth in order to take their eyes, believed to be the source of their potent talents.

In today’s time, the Nezuto and Tentaki continue a silent alliance in order to protect the youth from their own people. The most well known among them and often most feared, is Nezuto Iyonna, rumored to be a child thief when in reality she is the the Kukouri Savior. Neochi brave enough to see through the propaganda quickly discover protection, knowledge, and other gifted youths from other bloodlines.

Language And Dialects

Neochi do not have a native tongue of their own. Instead, Neochi learn whatever language is appropriate to their surroundings. The potential for a Neochi to learn any language is not limited at all, and even some of the most exotic languages can be easily picked up by the Neochi given any particular raising. Very few have been known to speak Celestial, though those that have learned it have been known to see through the veil into the plane where spirits are known to exist.

It is not uncommon for Neochi take their native tongue and add slang that reflects words of other languages. Thanks to this practice, the Neochi have the most diverse and rich collections of sub-dialects. Despite this, some of the more puristic cultures do not like this practice, and criticize the Neochi for it, the Lyriza being among the most common people to express such criticism.

Regardless of their strange interest with merging the languages, Neochi are among some of the best diplomats and translators across the world. Their enthusiastic nature combined with their eclectic personalities have proven a true asset for any small nation attempting trade relations with those in neighboring lands. The Nezuto are among the most common to take on Neochi for this very reason, and it is not uncommon to see a small number of Neochi in any Nezuto Conclave.

Regions and Politics

Neochi are a young people with no real home of origin. It is believed that the very first Neochi born had their home in the island nation of Tsukishima, though they were constantly on the move. Over the many years since, neochi have grown far and wide doing what they can to re-integrate into their Terran and Lyriza homelands. Sadly, more times than not, such individuals encounter envy, fear, and hate making integration very difficult.

As such, Neochi have had to fall in line with those of the Nezuto traveling along with them and utilizing the Nezuto’s keen ability to stay pacifistic and diplomatic. In many of the Nezuto conclaves to which Neochi find their home, they are referred to as “star children” in remembrance of the first Lightbringer, a name that any Neochi enjoys hearing. In other situations, the Tentaki take Neochi in, finding their willingness to take risks and innate talents worthy of defending and aiding their Shinobi hidden villages.

It has been discovered that Neochi are capable of breeding with other Lyriza, Neochi, or Terrans. The offspring they produce provide just as many Neochi as they do of other blood. Neochi hold this potential close at heart as they know deep down that the Lyriza and the Terrans are one and the same. As long as there are Terrans who are drawn to Lyriza, and the other way around, the Neochi will always have a place deep in the hearts of their heritage, regardless of what their fellow kin may believe.

In recent time, the Neochi people have grown in large enough number that they have begun to establish the city of Newport. Located on the north eastern edges of Tsukishima, Newport acts as a neutral place for those who have not been able to find their home in other nations. The city has grown significantly in recent time, finding people of all walks of life within its borders. A true beacon of trade, diversity, and equality, Newport has become what the Neochi hope to be what the very first Neochi had wished for.

Sadly, the Neochi have become the target of kidnappings and murders. Individuals and small groups greedy enough to attempt taking their eyes and grafting them into their own bodies so that they may have the power to which such Neochi are best known. Neochi are doing what they can to protect their own kin, though given that they are still considered a minority in all but Newport, they fear that they may not last without the aid of those they share heritage with. They only hope that they all will listen.