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Alien Spiritual Pacifists


The Nezuto are extremely silent, wise, ape-like alien humanoids that live in nomadic enclaves, traveling between various small cities or galactic colonies located across the Valanas universe. They typically have a small amount of fur on their bodies and a tone build that looks graceful, hiding a very strong physique underneath.

Some Nezuto grow to have a birthmark on their chests and forearms that have a metallic or stone color. This birthmark will typically take a shape that hints at the Nezuto's sentient source of power or spiritual essence that he is most connected with. Nezuto who nurture this connection tend to gain more pronounced markings and a soft glowing to bright aura relative to the strength of that connection.

Some of the most well-known ancient and wise Nezuto Legends have been known to have overly large foreheads and forearms with extremely elaborate markings across their bodies and arms that emit a powerful glowing ambience wherever they go.


  • Alien: This grants permission for any Nezuto to have stunts and unique uses for the Physique, Lore, and Craft skills that reflect their exotic nature and unorthodox methods. at the expense of being seen as a strange outsider that can not always be trusted.

  • Pacifistic: Nezuto can find themselves easily able to defend themselves against just about everything as they always have a peaceful answer, granting circumstantial bonuses to Will, Physique, or any other defensive action relating to combat or using social skills to stop a conflict. Sadly, this can cause complications when facing solutions where all social efforts have been exhausted or when working with hostile laws.

  • Social: Where others can be reclusive or even prideful, those who choose to be Nezuto can find themselves capable of stretching the use of their Rapport and Contacts skills naturally. This can also cause complications where one’s alien reputation can cause negative effects or even bring unwanted attention.

  • Spiritual: Nezuto who take this minor aspect are very skilled with the use of Commune, Empathy, and Rapport skills to which they already have a reputation with. This can be both good and bad, as the relationship and type of spirits that the Nezuto are associated with can bring about unwanted attention from opposed factions or even the corruptive Lunakai.

Social Details

Nezuto is the ancient name whose origin is not well known. What is known is that the name represents the Nezuto origins as tenders to the lost and youthful souls of the galaxy. Over the course of time, the Nezuto have seen a rise and fracturing of power like many others, the most significant of which relates to their darker cousins: the Naganezu.


The Nezuto were once in such power that they were considered the Galactic Guardians of many systems found in the neighboring solar systems surrounding Valanas. Their ability to harness spiritual and sentient power enabled them to grow massive World Ships from plants, allowing them to help sustain massive populations of both refugees and travelers alike. With such powerful connections, there was little outside of their reach.

Though with such power, the corruption of greed and savagery was too difficult to resist. Those who fell into such weakness became Naganezu, and were capable of bringing out the more destructive nature of their tended spirits, allowing them to wage a deadly war against their Nezuto kin. A war that resulted in the destruction of their own homeworld, scattering both Naganezu and Nezuto alike across the universe.

Even with the destruction of their homeworld, the war continues on to this day. The remaining Nezuto survivors that currently reside on Valanas are doing whatever they can to hide themselves from the destructive gaze of the Naganezu. Sadly, with the reflective veil that was intended to banish the dark Lunakai slowly weakening, the threat of even the strongest Nezuto falling into the Naganezu corruption grows.

This threat is well known only to the most wise and ancient survivors. The profession of exorcist, historian, and diplomat are common among them and their apprentices, hoping to continue their silent war and preparing their own kin for what they hope will not happen again. Now these wise men do all they can to avert the destructive gaze of the Naganezu armies waging war in planetary systems nearby, protecting every aspect of the world’s development as if it was their very own homeworld lost all those millennia ago.

Language And Dialects

The Nezuto pass down from each generation the tongue of souls, known to many in Valanas as Celestial. The Lyriza find this particularly curious about the Nezuto as it is the same tongue carried from generation to generation by the Lyriza’s most esteemed Councilmen and Historians, adding to their already mysterious origins. Celestial is normally reserved for talking to the ancestors of old, the currently deceased, and troubled spirits.

Unlike many of the other humanoid bloodlines of Valanas, Celestial does not typically have dialects that differentiate the different cultures. Instead, there are different styles of Rapport that a Nezuto speaks with normally as it relates to the age of another spirit. Nezuto who favor one style of Rapport over another is not rare, and typically relates to their overall affinity to the age of their preferred spirit or sentient energy source.

Otherwise, Nezuto find that they can learn an accented language of any other bloodline as long as they have enough time indulging in the culture to which they wish to co-inhabit. As such, they will find themselves learning the various Dialects of Terrans or Harmonic more often then they will Morikata, due to their limited and hostile relationship with the Tentaki.

Regions and Politics

The Nezuto are a very pacifistic and nomadic people, acting as neutral merchants with natural talents and almost bizarre relationships with their trades. They often find themselves into a craft, trade, or profession at a very young age in the form of prodigies that are very humble and understanding to those frustrated by their ease of understanding.

Their neutral stance on many things and acceptance of frequent change has allowed them to travel all across the world of Valanas though typically in limited quantities. Though where there is one Nezuto, there is a very likely chance that a traveling Enclave is not far away. These enclaves are lead by an Elder who acts as their healer, master tradesman, and diplomat.

These elders are always seen with an apprentice and an object that reflects the trade or profession the elder is most attuned to. Both the Elder and apprentice will have a wide understanding of language and a unique knack for keeping their entire enclave out of trouble.

Despite this fact, Nezuto avoid the Tentaki unless absolutely necessary. The two humanoid bloodlines have a tense relationship with each other, as it was the Nezuto who crash landed onto Valanas as they attempted escaping a Naganezu assault. When the Nezuto crash landed, they did so on top of the very first temple constructed in honor of Goddess Kamun.

At first, the Tentaki saw it as a gift from Kamun herself. Though when the Nezuto wished for only peace during a time of great conflict between the Terrans and the Lyriza attempting to colonize their island, they were immediately forced to leave their only remaining connection to their people. To this day, the Tentaki view the Nezuto as weaklings that are unworthy of their land, and the Nezuto elders wish nothing more than to maintain that illusion, hoping the Naganezu will not follow.