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Diverse & Ambitious Countrymen


Terrans are among the most diverse people of Valanas, with their appearances as varied as the lands they inhabit. The most well known, the natives of Chenlu are known for their dark to pale skin tones, and physical features as varied as the cultures to which they belong. Hair is most commonly black with eye color ranging between blue, green, and brown. Exceptions abound.

Unlike many of the other bloodlines, Terrans very rarely have physical features that reflect a hidden power and are instead most noted for their trinkets, clothing, and body modifications that complement their vibrant personalities.

As diverse as their people, Terran Legends have had a common element of having an ambient sense of awe and vitality, inspiring those around them with their presence alone. These same legends often have pieces of technology or objects of Legend that have a personality all their own, and are often sought after due to the power they possess.


  • Ambitious: The Terran people have always been driven for success, providing situational bonuses in situations where they are driven towards a large task. Unfortunately, this can cause problems when people provoke them to take on more than they should.

  • Bold: Facing constant change and conflict, the Terrans are capable of gaining a bonus to situations involving acts of bravery and daring. This can potentially cause complications when trying to fake fear or attempt to make yourself seem less than what you really are.

  • Loyal: Terrans, as varied as they are, all share a common sense of loyalty to those close to them, often making it difficult to act against such relationships or the leaders to which govern them.

  • Resourceful: Terrans are very skilled at making the most of their situation, providing bonuses when creating advantages in otherwise limiting situations.

Social Details

An ambitious people, constantly in a mindset of nostalgia and adventure, Terrans are constantly moving forward and expanding into the world around them. The Terran people attempt to attain the Grace of Legends, though their constant desire for expansion and colonization has spurred conflict with neighboring civilizations. One of the most prominent of these conflicts resulting in uneasy relations with the Lyriza, sharing in the actions that summoned Naganezu Orrathi and the destruction that followed.


Terran history is as varied as their people with each verse modified by the Leaders to which inspired the scholars who transcribed their tales. Despite this, many individuals have their own perception of what really happened, a reflection of their own glorified dreams and desires. If anything is unanimous, it is that the Terrans were among the first people to have been sculpted from the very fabric of Valanas, and their diversity a reflection of the lands they inhabited. A belief that is heavily contested by their Lyriza neighbors.

As their people grew and multiplied, it was believed that the weather, land, and animals within nurtured their sense for adventure and expansion. Despite the other bloodlines remaining mostly the same, Terrans have always been able to expand into the world while maintaining a mix of diverse cultures and common aspects, ambition being among the most well-known. Terrans also seem to look up to a leader figure to keep them grounded and focused on a unified goal, otherwise falling into chaos and disarray.

In most recent time, one of the largest empires was established by Emperor Cheng after a thirteen year  peaceful conquest that brought about the first Grace of Legends to the land. Due to this grand accomplishment, the land has seen significant growth in peace, prosperity, and wealth. Such power has brought with it a new view on divinely granted power that has gained respect from neighboring nations..

Now a thriving nation, the Grace of Legends has strained Emperor Cheng’s youth and ability to lead. Terrorist attacks from those who call themselves the Duskwalker cult now scatter the Chenglu Empire, and despite Emperor Cheng’s best efforts to neutralize the conflict the Lunakai influence has placed doubt into his people. Making matters worse, those under Emperor Cheng’s command have become corrupt, pushing their own limits and greed into lands that otherwise should have been left untouched.

Language And Dialects

Thanks to Emperor Cheng’s peaceful conquest into the western part of the world, the Terran language has become the standard tongue spoken by all the bloodlines in one form or another. This is not necessarily due to the fact that Emperor Cheng forced it upon the cultures of others, but instead that his wide reaching influence provided a need for the other bloodlines to learn their language in order to gain access to distant and exotic resources.

The diverse nature of many of the Terran people does indeed provide ample opportunities for specialized dialects to be spoken between their people. Such dialects are often influenced by culture, class, divine status, and access to other languages and bloodlines. Some Terran people are capable of speaking only their native dialects due to lack of access to formal education or class restrictions.

This, combined with their ability to take on any other language has made them among some of the most capable speakers in all of Valanas. It is very difficult for Terrans to be able to speak Celestial, and those that do are seen often as hermits or freaks who speak to invisible voices. In reality, such individuals have been granted a gift that the Duskwalker cult is eager to manipulate so that they may speak with the evil Lunakai.

Regions and Politics

The most prominent group of people in western civilization are known as the Chenglu people, inhabitants of the coastal nation of the Cheng Dynasty. The majority of the Terran culture associate themselves as skilled labor for working the land and taming it to benefit the greater Dynasty. This often includes farming, fishing, crafting, and animal husbandry. Many of the people work without question, believing that their rulers will protect them as long as they produce the proper resources to help maintain it.

With the lands far and wide, the Emperor organized his Dynasty into provinces, each of which is known for a specialty trade that helps to maintain prosperity between the provinces when distributed equally. Each province is assigned a governor who is responsible for maintaining the taxation, security, and continued development of their associated craftsman as mandated by the Divine Council and the Emperor himself. The taxes then are distributed across the nation equally with surplus being sent to political relationships for trade and development.

It was always Emperor Cheng’s belief that his people were nothing without his leadership, and his leadership nothing without his people. It is a balance that allowed him to quickly and efficiently conquer the Cheng Dynasty with little more than a display of force and promise of prosperity. Though once fully established, those who governed his people slowly grew selfish and greedy for power.

Emperor Cheng knew well of his coming demise, as the Grace of Legends is only as strong as the people who are under its protection. His influence now stretches far and wide, he has been attempting to train his only two sons to divide his lands and hopefully succeed where he will soon fall. Unfortunately, one son is obsessed with mastering kisetsu instead of more political pursuits, and the other constantly getting into trouble with his superiors and the father’s who want nothing more than for him to leave their daughters alone.

Misguided children combined with the recent rise in terrorist attacks by the Duskwalker cult, Emperor Cheng knows he is powerless preventing the fall of the Grace of Legends. With reports coming from the land of Tsukishima of Naganezu Orrathi Gyone and his wrathful awakening, he has no doubt that those in his distant lands have merely accelerated the inevitable. The people of Chenglu know now of the possibility of a large scale war, and that the Hall of Legends has not found a worthy man or woman to take up the seat as the next Emperor. An Emperor truly worthy of Divine Grace.