Eternal Balance

The Power of Legends

In Valanas, any player is capable of utilizing the potential of the world around them in order to create memorable legends and legacies. In order to do so, it is important to understand the two key terms used when describing how they are capable of doing such things. These terms are Aether and Ki and are defined below.

Aether: Aether is the the air which gives Legends their power with each breath. It exists in all things, though typically in limited quantities. Individuals talented enough are capable of either using force of will, breath control, or natural born talent in order to control the flow of Aether around or within themselves in order to produce Ki, as described below.

Ki: Any effect that is a result of utilizing Aether, bloodline or otherwise, in order to create supernatural effects is called Ki. Taken literally, the term is defined as a miracle and brings with it a sense of legend when compared to more mundane effects.

As one reads through the historical elements of how Legends are made in Valanas, it is important to note that all three require aspects on one’s character in order to fully utilize such things to their full potential. Additionally, Kisetsu counters Alchemy, Alchemy counters Kisetsu, and Aetherial Gateways overwhelm Kisetsu. This balancing triad is called the Eternal Balance of Power and is a significant element to consider in any story in the world of Valanas.

For those interested in the Lore of how each of these powerful pursuits came into being may seek out the Lore of Legends!


Alchemy is the study and practice of the laws that govern the exchange of power between universal elements. It was first introduced into Valanas upon the Creatoa’s arrival, who had mastered the art of alchemy on Earth. Upon their arrival, their skill was so potent that they were able to use Alchemy to infuse life into the now Lyriza and Terrans. And when the first Nightfall came upon the land, it was the use of Alchemy that strengthened the limited nature of the Laws and the banishment of the Lunakai to an alternate plane of existence.

At the basic level, Alchemy is simply the study and understanding of the Laws to which all things follow. It operates like physics lore with one key difference: the inclusion of Aether. At the highest level of study and mastery, individuals are capable of placing runes upon materials and using strength of will to manifest specialized effects. The runes themselves act as both an accelerator and a focus for Aether to alter an element.

The most common uses of Alchemy involve controlling, evoking, enchanting, and transmuting elements based on basic knowledge of elemental relationships. Additionally, Alchemists are easily able to identify and understand how to counter Ki manifestations thanks to their skilled understanding of elemental relationships.


Unlike Alchemy, Kisetsu has been something that has been known throughout the lands of Valanas since before the laws of creation. So ancient in fact, that it was the method used by all living things before the Creatoa came into the world. Now with the Laws of Creation, it takes a substantially higher level of skill and multiple talents before any individual can take full advantage of the benefits such study provides.

When studying Kisetsu, one takes into account the fact that Aether exists everywhere. Where Alchemy manipulates Aether indirectly, Kisetsu internalizes their power through the use of breath control, meditation, and force of will. By knowing how one’s own Aether flows through their body, they may then channel the Aetherial energy through their body in order to produce subtle offensive and defensive abilities that can become very potent with enough practice and experience.

Kisetsu is most commonly utilized in order to attack or control the flow of Aether in one’s self or an opponent, bolstering one’s physical resistances, manifesting breath-like effects, physically boosting one’s speed and strength, and providing enhancements to one’s senses or limiting how others perceive you in return. Thanks to this, Kisetsu is a very potent tool for countering Alchemical effects but does little to slow down an Awakened individual.


In every living thing on Valanas there is a connection to another plane of existence which once had a weaker barrier to the physical world. Due to the Laws of Creation locking these Aetherial gateways in all things, very few have had the ability to actually experience the power such a connection provides. Over the course of time, even before the laws where Kisetsu was used in exclusivity, there were still individuals who were simply talented and familiar with the Aetherial planes.

There is no study of Gateways or the Aether that fuels them, instead they come to individuals during moments of great stress, growing into young adulthood, or even upon birth. Awakened individuals instinctively and reactively use their Gateways situationally as it relates to the theme of their Gateway. When defining one’s personal Aetherial Gateway, it is important to notate the minor aspects that manifest most often and the negative relationships they provide.

Once defined, individuals treat them like any other Aspect of their character, though it has the added benefit of providing permission for special effects otherwise not available to those without skill, determination, or even appropriate physical features. The key limitation is the fact that Aetherial connections will always have an opposing gateway, and these opposing elements can be discovered with Alchemy and possibly countered using Alchemical effects.