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Archetypes and Origins

An archetype and origin are aspects that describes how a character specializes in any one of the 8 facets of Valanas and how or why they have said specialty. Each archetype provides a collection of permissions, or facts, that allow the character to do things in situations atypical for mundane characters. Their origin provides a glimpse into the character's past, social relations, or ties to their bloodlines or spiritual heritage.

When combined, these two aspects will provide a player with many of the tools they will need to solve conflicts that come up while they pursue their Motivation. These aspects also provide the first glimpses into what each player wants most out of the world as it relates to action, drama, or mystery. Players interested in using Alchemy, Bloodgates, or Kisetsu in the world can look at the Extras page for further inspiration.

Quick-Start Archetypes

Players interested in just picking up and go can choose frome one of the listed Archetypes. This is of course not an exhaustive list, so feel free to expand on them as fits your personal tastes. While deciding on origins, use reference material from each of the Bloodlines for inspiration!


  • Core Facet: Awareness
  • Master of Opportunity (Lineage)
  • Warden of the Wood (Vigor)
  • Terrain Master (Study)


  • Core Facet: Subtlety
  • Hidden Village Warrior (Force)
  • Social Spy (Lineage)
  • Zhen Infiltrator (Drive)


  • Core Facet: Drive
  • Awakened Blitzer (Lineage)
  • Kisetsu Stalker (Subtlety)
  • Parkour Master (Vigor)


  • Core Facet: Study
  • Alchemist (Resolve)
  • Brander (Force)
  • Transmuter (Awareness)


  • Core Facet: Force; Often in conjunction with a trademark weapon and/or specialty.
  • Duelist (Lineage)
  • Judge (Study)
  • Ronin (Subtlety)


  • Core Facet: Vigor
  • Shard Bonded (Drive)
  • Shape Shifter (Subtlety)
  • Spirit Vessel (Resolve)


  • Core Facet: Lineage
  • Diplomat (Study)
  • Leader (Awareness)
  • Awakened Caller (Force)


  • Core Facet: Resolve
  • Kisetsu Master (Drive)
  • Kamun Reverent (Subtlety)
  • Telepath (Force)