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Worldly Conflicts

Valanas is ripe with conflict, ranging from political intrigue to wars against potent elemental forces. With five different bloodlines and a wide range of antagonists looking to make legends of their own, it can be hard to decide on what conflicts to really focus on first. Bellow players and hosts alike will find a collection of typical conflicts for players to resolve over the course of their adventures.

"The heroes and corrupt who have passed on to the Hall of Legends look over Valanas with a curious eye. Their own actions have shaped the world as it is known today, and all eagerly await the next to walk among them as an immortalized symbol of hope or fear in the hearts and minds of those they have influenced in generations past."

"Perfection in Imperfection"

Immediate Conflict: "Who framed me and why?"; Mastering Judgement through Duels; Favors called from an old friend; Culture Shock

Pending Conflict: Bringing an end to the Puristic Extremists of the Elemental Crusade; Prevent the second fall of Atlantis

Synopsis: Potent Lyriza Leaders and Alchemists of Atlantis are pushing the boundaries to which they command, with an unrealistic and extreme view that the world needs to purged of its impurities. Desperate, the wise Lyriza Oracles are sending out agents across the land in hopes of finding individuals of influence and talent to help turn the tide. Though to stop them, those chosen must somehow find their way through the Lyriza's exotic customs, laws, and politics if they are to have any hope of halting the potential Elemental Crusade!

"Falling Grace"

Immediate Conflict: Terrorists Attacking my home; Healing the Sick; Purging the Corrupt

Pending Conflict: Stop the fall of the Cheng Dynasty; Find the next Emperor(s/ess)

Synopsis: The Grace of Legends has began to fade, leaving the Terran Cheng Dynasty slowly falling into ruin as it's Emperor seeks for leaders to help reunite his people and purge it's lineage of the corrupt. With only two sons, both of which are lost in their own regard, Emperor Cheng is desperate. With even his closest advisors threaten to undermine his throne, the Cheng dynasty has never been in such dire straits.

"Lost Redemption"

Immediate Conflict: "Skyde and his posse are up to no good..."; "Agents of Destruction threaten our village and school, but why?"

Pending Conflict: "How did I get these powers and why?"; "What is Cain really up to?"

Synopsis: In the ongoing conflict between the Titan Fragments and the Lunakai, the potential for the coming of nightfall is becoming more of a reality. The secret organization of the Kukouri have become desperate in their efforts to find the next Lightbringer, establishing hidden villages of their own where they provide refuge and training to the awakened youth and Lightbringer candidates. With the Lunakai threat looming on the horizon, the Kukouri can only hope they can prepare their students in time before the conflict comes to desecrate their Awakened sanctuaries and secure Nightfall.

Current working documents for "Lost Redemption" listed below.

"Hope sprouts Eternal!"

Immediate Conflict: Mercenary for Hire!; Divine Pilgrimage; Healing wounds of a lost love

Pending Conflict: Mending an age long Feud; Stop the Cataclysmic Naganezu; Rebuilding lost homes

Synopsis: In the far off land of Tsukishima, the conflict between the Terrans and Lyriza as they contend for dominance of the island nation has awakened the Naganezu Orrathi Gyonne. Desperate to not let the new conflict into spilling into their own lands, various bounties have been called to stop the “savage.” Individuals of all walks of life have began to seek Kamun's blessing and title of Sansin, rumored to grant those worthy with the power to defend the island from any harm. Though due to the accidental destruction of her temple at the hands of the Nezuto, there have been few who have been successful in gaining such a blessing, let alone survive an encounter with the Orrathi Gyonne!