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Accelerated Stunts

Often times the best part of building a character is deciding on what parts of their character are so different from the rest that they can do it better than anyone else. Listed below are the mechanical bits to help players quickly put together such exceptional traits and how to best keep them in line within friendly limits.

Use the following templates for designing stunts quickly for game play. For more advanced rules, skip ahead to the optional Advanced Stunts below! 

  • "Because I [describe an existing aspect that defines an exceptional trait, have a trademark piece or collection of equipment, or are otherwise amazing], I get a +2 when I [pick one: Awareness, Subtlety, Drive, Study, Force, Vigor, Lineage, Resolve][pick one: attack, defend, create advantages, overcome] when [describe a circumstance]."
  • "Because I [describe an existing aspect that defines an exceptional trait, have a trademark piece or collection of equipment, or are otherwise amazing], once per game session I can [describe a piece of narrative privilege]."
  • "Because of my [Choose  an existing aspect], I may bid a fate point, and upon winning the bid can instantly succeed at [chose one: attack, defend, create advantages, overcome] when [describe a an aspect-related circumstance]."
  • Gain one additional Stress box, add an additional Mild (+2) Consequence, or increase an existing Consequence by +2.
When succeeding with an attack roll, players automatically apply two shifts of stress to their opponent instead of succeeding at a cost, or provide some similar benefit. Although Legendary, such powers do not automatically destroy an opponent but are designed to accelerate gameplay in situations where the player has an obvious advantage.

Advanced Stunts

For those interested in putting together even more complex stunts, more advanced players may use the following guidelines when choosing both actions and stunts during the course of the game.
  • Aspected Magic/Extras: Players have access to any number of mythical powers thanks to the relative ease of access to Aether, and the magical benefits it provides. In order for a player to be allowed access to such abilities, they need only provide an aspect that explains why the character in question has permission to use such powers. This works equally with characters that wish to have a unique extra, such as a specific weapon, minion, or other unique extra that provides advantage permissions beyond the mundane.
  • Bonus (+2/+1): Stunts can give facets an automatic bonus under a particular, very narrow circumstance, effectively letting a character specialize in something. The circumstance should be narrower than what the normal facet allows, and only apply to one particular action or pair of actions. Bonus should be no more than +2 in a single instance, or +1 in no more than 3 instances.
  • Rules Exception: Stunts can allow a facet to make a single rules exception, in a narrow circumstance, for any other game rule that doesn’t precisely fit into that facet's limitations or default actions.