Welcome to the World of Valanas! Contained within any individual can find the core elements for starting a collaborative story telling narrative, or as many are familiar, a Role Playing Game of Heroic Fantasy and Adventure! Players and Game Masters alike interested in building campaigns or characters need look no further than the Game Generation page, where each step of the initial session is laid out in easy to follow steps.

Players looking for more advanced lore and to delve deep into the fictional realm of Valanas can explore each of the Bloodlines and the sections held within the Power of Legends! As the world gains more of a following, or it's creator Christopher Lorando find more time, narrators and collaborators alike will begin to enjoy maps and historical time tables to help further their fictional immersion and enjoyment.

Legality and Expectations

The ValanasWiki serves as an internal reference for the collaboration and development of the Valanas Narrative World Setting (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License MusesDice Publishing), designed for use with the gaming system of your choice. By default Valanas uses a modified version of FATE Accelerated (© 2013 Evil Hat Productions, LLC.) but has been known to be used with Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition RPG System (© 2011 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC).

In general, it is expected that those who contribute to the Valanas setting have a moderate to strong understanding of Shōnen Manga and Anime, in particular Bio Booster Armor Guyver (© 1985 Tokuma Shoten, Kadokawa Shoten), Bleach (© 2001 Shueisha, Viz Media), Dragonball (© 1984 Shueisha, Viz Media, Gollancz Manga), Full Metal Alchemist (© 2001 Madman Entertainment, Viz Media, Chuang Yi), Naruto (© 1997 Shueisha, Viz Media), and to a lesser extent Outlaw Star (© 1996 Shueisha). Any details relating specifically to Heroic Fantasy are of course always welcome and this is by no means a required or exhaustive list of expected background knowledge.

Anything not mentioned otherwise tends to refer to historical conflicts typical of Eastern Wuxia-Style Civilization and Greek mythology. Great lengths have been put into providing creative views to many of the historical, political, and geographical views of these historical cultures in mimicked in Valanas. As such, as long as players can find a way to incorporate their own style to the existing Lore without taking away the enjoyment from others in the community or at the table, any bit of creativity is always welcome.