Lore of Legends

The Creatoa

The name Creatoa is a name that when spoken reverberates through all living things on Valanas. Though who are they? Where did they come from? Like many of the legends and myths reflected from the planet Earth, the Creatoa are best known as the mages of the lost Atlantis. The veil that separated Earth and Valanas was weakened when the Titan Atlas unleashed his wrath on the island nation when one of his daughters had died.

The few homomagi who had taken advantage of this used what little magic they had access to and pulled with them as many survivors as they could. As they did so, they also brought with them a fragment of the magical essence of their now destroyed home. After arriving in Valanas, the Atlanteans found an untamed land that was reacting limitlessly to their commands and what seemed overwhelming power of will.

The skill required to manipulate Aether on Earth prepared them for Valanas where every living thing had some talent or skill for manipulating the Aether flowing through the world around them. Discovering this, the Creatoa then forced their will upon the planet itself, shaping the Lyriza and Terrans from the fabric of the land. As they did so, it seemed the universe reacted, giving birth to the Tentaki and other living things on the planet.

As the new bloodlines matured, the Creatoa soon found that their power was near limitless prompting the false perception that they could do as they wish with no cost to themselves. Little did they know of the Eternal Balance of Power that existed in all things, where the Creatoa tipped the balance to such a degree that it brought forth the Lunakai, and the destruction they left in their wake.

The First Nightfall

The Creatoa stood unchallenged as they slowly shaped the world as a reflection of their lost home. Oblivious, off on the island of Tsukishima the Tentaki were struggling to push back an attack from underground. Swarms of strange humanoids with ghostly skin and flesh made of the void between the stars. Desperate for help, the Tentaki called on the other young bloodlines.

Smug, prideful, and otherwise dismissive of their calls for help the Tentaki were forced to find help elsewhere. It was fortunate that the world itself answered their call, as their first Legend came to the front fending off the swarms and helping the Tentaki survive another day. The Creatoa and their other creations were not so lucky.

As night fell, the energy of the Lunakai began to creep its way out of the massive expanses of the Lyriza and Terran homelands. Thinking they could turn the tide, the younger bloodlines were too quickly overwhelmed. Realizing that they may have made yet another grave mistake, the Creatoa attempted to use their powers divided against the oncoming swarms of the Lunakai with little success. All seemed hopeless until the Creatoa made one last decision, a decision that would change Valanas forever.

The Laws of Creation

There are currently no records of any surviving Lyriza or Terrans of the day that the Laws were forged, but it is believed that the Creatoa forced their will upon the land so to sever the connection to Valanas from the Lunakai forever and with it, the ability to manipulate the aether that existed in all things. Upon doing so, the Creatoa mysteriously vanished off the face of Valanas, leaving only their creations and what now exists as the new Atlantis behind.

The Lyriza and the Terrans had all but forgotten the Laws of Creation when it appeared these laws had began to weaken. Limited populations of the Lyriza and Terrans began to manifest miracle like abilities, causing many of them to study the the limit of the Laws of Creation in more detail. As they did so, two schools of thought emerged: Alchemy and Kisetsu.

The first Awakened

The Laws of Creation were forged so that Aether and Ki would be accessible only to those with enough skill and force of will. Over the course of time, the strength of the Laws of Creation appeared to weaken. Individuals began to show the powerful talent of manipulating Aether with little skill at all. Such individuals quickly became known as the Awakened. Many believe that the Awakened would not exist if it were not for the very first: Neochi Firstborn Jove.

Filled with innocent curiosity and love, Jove came into Valanas as the lovechild of a Lyriza Icon and a Terran Prince, seen as a symbol of conflict and disgrace from their respective homelands. Despite the Parents best efforts, Jove was quickly discovered when he easily cured an elderly woman’s eyes of blindness after she told the youth of her tragic history. It wasn’t much longer before Jove had to flee or become hunted, taking the combined power of the Tentaki and Nezuto to keep them from capturing or killing the youth.

The Nezuto then established the Kukouri Wardens, believing the youth to be what they called a Lightbringer. When a massive conflict between the three continents ignited as the Kukouri attempted to protect the youth, Jove gave himself up to his own hidden potential, causing a massive release of Aetherial energy that was said to have reached the very edges of the planet. The youth perished soon after from over-exertion, leaving behind a level of emotional regret.

The display of power lasted for a solid week before dissipating. Those involved with the conflict now participate in a yearly Week of Veneration, a time of remembrance, fasting, and respect. People from around the world travel to the place of sacrifice to look upon the sky on the day which the conflict ended to watch the “Rain of Tears” meteor shower.

In the months and years that followed, an increasing number of individuals began to come forward with the ability to tap into their Bloodline, each with a different level of potency and ability. To them, the Month of Tears is a month to celebrate the sacrifice of this youth so that they may all live with some level of normalcy. Though even they know that many still fear them and respect them all the same.

Worldly Origins

Before the first steps of any of the major bloodlines walked the surface of Valanas, long before the forging of the Laws of Creation, the world was overflowing with Aetherial energy. Chaotic and ever changing, there was only one governing force that tended to the balance, those known as the Titans. Very few bloodlines speak of them, let alone remember their importance to the flow of time. The Titans were significant concentrations of Aetherial energy, the original awakened.

These Titans stood with their own purpose and it was to continually motivate the world into a world of development and momentum forward. Even in balance, there were always cycles, and it was the Titans that insured the cycle kept moving forward. Each Titan was gifted with a source of power relating to their role in the world, Valanas was a thriving and vibrant world.

It wasn’t until the arrival of the Homomagi when the flow of life was drastically altered. With their practiced skill with alchemy, the Titans held no resistance to their magical manipulations. And despite all the good that the Lyriza and Terans claim their masters had brung to the world, it was this abuse of their power that resulted in the balance of unleashing the first of the Lunakai.

Where the Titans represented the embodiment of progress and life, the Lunakai stood as the embodiment of destruction and death. Bound by their lawful natures, the Titans fumbled and faltered under the pressure of the Homomagi as they tried to resist the Lunakai invading forces. Only the Titans not yet under control of the Homomagi seemed to have survived the assault long enough to establish the now Tentaki bloodline.

As the Homomagi fell, their establishment of the Laws of Creation forced what form the Titans had into mere fragments scattered across the globe. Those who wish to know the reason behind many of the awakened in the world need only look at those who have unknowingly encountered such fragmented Titanic forces. The laws of creation have bound them into many forms, some familiar and some hidden in plain sight.

Only through recent study have the bloodlines of Valanas began to bear witness to the existence of Titan fragments and their influence on the number of awakened in the world. There have even been rumors of an organization of Alchemical crazed scientists bent on uniting key titans and using them for world domination. Thanks to the efforts of the mysterious Kukouri Wardens such actions have not succeeded, though with Nightfall once again looming on the horizon the Kukouri are becoming desperate enough to find their own Titan of Hope: the next Lightbringer.