Discovered answers lead to deeper mysteries...

posted May 22, 2013, 6:57 PM by Christopher Lorando   [ updated May 23, 2013, 6:37 PM ]
Up until this last week, the small group of Sansin had been unable to stop Atlas as he put his actions in to place to destroy as many innocents as he could. Though, as the heroes faced their own truths, it was becoming increasingly clear that the term "innocent" was purely based on perspective. Many of the people of Valanas were unable to see the darker evils and more subtle influences of selfishness and greed.

This past week, the players were able to take a small portion of their team and explore the Valley of Glass, a sanctified land that once stood as the beacon of defiance of the Ugandi people against the Lunakai onslaught in time's past. Serene, the Ugandi Sansin of Storm, sought to find answers as to why Atlas was so full of Rage.

What the Sansin found though was quite different... the Valley held within it very powerful stones called Soulshards. Within these shards are the souls and spirits of those trapped from when one Legendary Ugandi sacrificed herself. Since this time, people have used the shards to create potent weapons and armor, using the trapped soul's power for their own ends. And as it would so happen... what remained of the Legend's glass corpse had been fractured and desecrated, for reasons the Sansin were unsure.

After a tense conflict with the Elemental Turtle Dragon that was corrupted by the Lunakai in the area and the desecration of his once love, they had not only brought peace back to the land, but discovered that the Sansin Katome herself was the one who desecrated the statue.

With the newly armed knowledge, and a new ally in the form of an Elemental Turtle Dragon, the Sansin now move to discover more resources in order to handle the inevitable conflict with Atlas!